We've decided to set up a page reserved for short descriptions of the ingredients available to correspondents and readers across the globe.

Her we will show descriptins, pictures and links & leads on where to get to RIGHT ingredioents to be successful with the different developers we come up with or come across.

Will try to show clearlyu what country we're referring to but will NOT promise to keep this entirely tidy or sorted, if you wonder if your country or place is covered, better read from the start to the bottom!  Anything sent to me on this, descriptions and/or pictures will be included, just don't expect it to show immediately, I will put in hours according to the pay I get for running this!  :-)

Norway :  to be updated

Canada :  ==========

Germany : ===========

France :

Here are the pictures from all the stuff I used for Caffenol:

Coffee: Nescafé Arabica
Washing Soda: Saint Marc
Vit C (pure):

My Flickr account is: Photbladmay
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