Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More tests.

Using the same phenidone/ascrobate developer as as Erik, I adjusted start time to 8.5 minutes and got great results.
I haven'thad time to scan many images yeet, but the few I have scanned shows that I am about spot on with Fomapan 100 exposed at ISO 100, developed for 8.5 minutes + correction for being film number 6 through the developer. Temperature was 22C instead of 20C, so I expected the negatives to be a tiny bit denser than optimal, and I was right. It is so close to perfect that it doesn't really matter, but we are striving for the perfect, aren't we?

This sample triplet is scanned as one image. Just set the correct white and black points. Nothing further done with brightness or contrast.

Camera used is an old Werra 3 with 50mm f2.8 Carls Zeiss lens. 1/30 sec. f2.8 to f5.6.
The leftmost image is exposed +1EV according to the metered light. In the middle -1EV, and to the right just as the meter said.

In my opinion the development is about right on. In the middle image the shadows has lost some detail and the image to the left has less details in the highlights.
There might be neccessary to do some small adjustments in devlopment time for temperature correction. This would make the "correct" exposed image somewhere between the middle and the rightmost image. That would be absolutely perfect.


  1. Great Trond!
    Just one tiny request : please show us examples og your first films also, those that you consider less than perfect - I think those surpasses what other think is great with weak brews in Cafenol by a large margin already!

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  3. I noticed you guys are adding time to compensate for usage like one would do with do with D-76, which is fine. Something you may find interesting is that if you go with a high concentration low pH version (20g borax + 6g ascorbic acid + 0.15g phenidone in 1L water) you can process at least 12 rolls _without_ any time compensation due to re-use. The relatively high quantity of ascorbate and strong buffering capability of borax keeps the activity constant for many rolls.