Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New experiment - Kafenol 53-IV R

Kaffenol 53-IVR 1

Zeiss Ikon Nettar 6x9, Kodacolor II, left exposed in camera for years, developed in Kaffenol 53-IVR 16 minutes @ 21 C
Straight scan  (pic file apparently too big for Blogspot, 6x9 negatives scanned at 3200 dpi takes their toll!)

I've started another run of experiments, I'd like to have another look at replenished developer.

The starting point this time was 120 film, and as I had two thats been lying for a looong time, I decided to the both at the same time. So I spooled in first a HP4 film, thats been forgotten for maybe a decade, maybe two, the finished images will show. I made sure the film was spooled all the way in on the spiral.

Then I spooled the next film on the same spiral, making sure it just weent fully in, making sure the two films did not overlap on the spiral.
This film was an old - really old - Kodachrome II thats been stored under varying and often dysmal conditions since about 1984-ish. And it was already old when I was given this exposed film.....

Both to be done at the same time, the choice of develper was easy : Cofenol CCM after Reinholds recipe, this has been very successful for me, allowing me to do a whole range of films similarly.

And since 120 films require more fluid, I took the opprotunity to adjust Reinholds ml/gram formulas to the simpler and quicker oz and teaspoon measurements.

My 120-film tank requires at least 500ml, I decided to go a little higher, to a little more than 530ml or 18 US fl. oz.

Kafenol 53-IV R  :

Water to 532 ml or 18 oz
Soda (anh.)  28,6 gram  --------->  5 teaspoon
Vit C powder 8,5 gram  --------->  3 teaspoon
Inst. Coffe   21,2 gram   --------->  4 tablespoon (12 teaspoon)

I developed the films according to my experience,  16 minutea at 20 degree centigrade.
Since I was doing two films in the same brew I was meaning to add a little time, not wanting to risk the images on the old film.

However the termometer did show 21 degree, so I decided the extra temperature compensated for eventual reduced activity in the brew, and stuck with 18 minutes.

An hours worth of work later the pårelimniary resultas are in:

Both films was developed with strong musty negatives, but that remains to be proved on the scanner. Both films came out good, and there where absdolutely NO problems doing Ilford HP4 and Kodacolor II (C41 film) at the same time, with same time/temperature.

What remains now is for the films to dry, and be scanned, then I will wait, 25 hours, do two more films in the brew (replenished) one of which will be a chinese Lucky 100.

Then wait 100 hours do two more films, then wait 250 hours do another two films, and finally wait for 500 hours after mixing the brew and do the final two films, to make 10 films altogether on the same brew, replenished with a small amount of VitC and inst. coffe.

This time I will not dilute the brew, I have more than enough fluid to last me 10 films, possibly more, and will just  add a little soda to keep the ph as I keep adding VitC and coffe which both are acidic.

A lot of work to look forward to, but getting results are fun, and even better laying certain myths to rest!


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