Saturday, March 26, 2011

PCB - Another Quick Sample

Nothing very technical in this post, just showing another example of the PCB developer.  This is my youngest daughter at play:

This is Tri-X/400TX at EI 1600 in PCB with minimal agitation for 20 mins @ 19C.  It is from a Nikon Coolscan 9000 with no adjustments and no post-processing whatsoever except for re-size and JPEG conversion.

PCB is my personal "go to" developer as the negatives require little to no post-processing.



  1. This is a developer base on Borax as the alkaline (basic) substance.

    I note that Borax in a solution that you describe has a pH of approximately pH9.3

    I will experiemt a little with calculations and actual measurement and come up with a mixture of washing soda and perhaps a tiny fraction of lye (like red devil lye) that does the same thing and replaces borax.

    What should we name it? PCS???

  2. Does it work with readily available Fujicolor 200?

  3. Does PCB work with readily available Fujicolor 200?