Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beutler-C adapted Beutler formula

This is an idea home made recipe for Beutler

Solution A:
1g Metol
5g Sodium sulphite (sicc)*
Fill up in 100ml demi-water

Solution B:
13,49 g Soda
Fill up in 100ml demi-water
* means water free
In use 1A + 1B + 8 - 10 parts of water
Dev time from ca 8 min @ 20C, varies with film type.


This looks interesting and from pictures I have seen, the results are certainly impressive.

I'd like to try an ascorbate variant.
Since I have great confidence and experience with stock bottles and ascorbic acid, and since ascorbic acid together with sodium sulphite should make it last almost indefinitely, this will be my chosen path.

Solution A:
5g Ascorbic acid
5g Sodium sulphite (sicc)*
Fill up in 100ml demi-water

Solution B:
15.9 g Soda
Fill up in 100ml demi-water

* means water free.

Mix 1A with 1B  let it rest until microbubbling has subsided (half an hour), in order for soda to react with ascorbic acid, creating sodium ascorbate.

Add 8 or 10 parts of water and try developing for 15 minutes @ 20C

the concentration of soda is such that this will not store in a cold place!  If you do you will end up with very large crystals on the bottom that needs to be re-dissolved, and that takes a lot of heat - and time!

Water will hold 220 gram Soda @ 20C but only 70 gram soda @ 0C, but this will not freeze @ 0C, due to the soda in the water.....


  1. Hi,
    Very interesting.
    Have you any image developed width this formula?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi,
    It is posible to change the Carbonate to Metaborate to avoid the bubbles formation? And use like 2-bath developper... I try this week...
    Bath A:
    Vit. C 7gr
    Sodium sulfite 85 gr
    Bath B:
    Sodium Metaborate 12 gr
    Maybe work... Have you any experience about?