Friday, April 29, 2011


Anyone out there that has any bright ideas on how to develop C41 color-film with homebrew developers?

This time I won't stipulate chemicals that can be found in the supermarket....



  1. I finally got very good results for my Kodak Gold 200 in the freezer using PCM for B&W. If I can process it in colour that would be great. I remember reading something about hair dye being used but I'm not sure. It might just be easier to buy a C-41 kit but the possibility of home-brew is very interesting.

  2. Rodinal 1+25 + ~5g non-iodised table-salt for 8 minutes works very well (no overexposure latitude iirc, just underexposure latitude from box speed), then fix. At a later date you may rehal bleach b&w processed and fixed C-41 films, then colour developer (E-6 CD, C-41, or any colour developing agent), bleach and fix for a full colour image.

    Rodinal 1+100 stand also works well for box speed.

    For developing agents... you need NH/HN or NH2/H2N groups on a ring to develop colour... and they have to be free of hydroxyl (OH/HO) groups.

    Phenidone has both.. as does aminophenol (in Rodinal) both make exceptionally weak unusable colour developers.

    For potential colour developers, my untested ideas all point to tryptamines so far, which you can extract from various natural sources.