Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mintol developer: Introduction

Mintol developer: Introduction: "Introduce a new Pyro-developer, which contains Menthol as Phenol. Pyro-developer has been used in long history as much long as conventiona..."


  1. Thank you for link my post.
    Very interested blog, especially to develop color neg. post.
    In Japan we can buy a cheaper color films at one-coin shop about one US doller.

  2. This is interesting. Are there any comparisons with and without FRISK?

  3. I think we need to set up a test programme, there are several interesting paths here, for instance, do we need Metol at all (very small amount).
    But first the gentleman in question behind this, needs to send me a box of FRISK, so that I can search out the local variant, I suspect there still are 4 or 5 varieties in the sweets section at the local mall!

  4. I mean no disrespect but I am skeptical that adding Frisk makes a significant difference to what is already a good Metol/Vit-C developer. Additional data would help.

  5. AH! I smell a test regime from two different approaches! he main thing would be to try to isolate how much and if at all the influence of Frisk.... I have to admit also that I never heard anyone hinting at this before.

    My personal philosophy is to try to keep developer formulas as simple as possible, noting that the traditional recipes that survived over the years was surpricingly simple!

  6. I read more about this and learned that the purpose of the FRISK is to add stain, much like common pyro developers. Unfortunately stained negatives are of no interest to me at this time as they add nothing to my current workflow. It could be an interesting pyro alternative to those looking for one.