Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kaffenol as a normal developer

Today I mixed my usual 11 oz batch (320 ml) that will aloow me to develop one tank og 35mm film.

Standard Ascorbate CH /CM chemistry

Water to 1000 ml
Soda 54 gram
Vit C 16 gram
Coffe 40 gram
(KBr 0,75 gram)
Mixed in the order given.

The measures for 320 ml

Water to 320 ml
Soda 17,3 gram
Vit C 5,1 gram
Coffe 12,8 gram
(KBr 0,26 gram)
Mixed in the order given

I did my usual measure with standard US measures as I weighed out :

Water to 11 US fl. oz.
Soda 3 teaspoon plus 1 pinch
Vit C 2 teaspoon minus 1 pinch
Coffe 7 teaspoon plus one pinch
(KBr 0,26 gram)
These volumetric measures given here are accurate to 0,05 gram

As I had the developer ready I started with a Generic brand 400 ISO C41 color negative film.
Time 21 minutes @ 20 centigrade, normal stop, fix and wash, ISO 400

I added one teaspoon of coffe, and topped up water to 11 oz.

I continued with Kodak Gold 200 which is a film I have very good experience with :
Time 18,5 minutes @ 20 centigrade, normal stop, fix and wash, ISO 200

I added one more teaspoon of coffe, and one pinch of Vit C and topped up water to 11 oz again.

I ended up with another Kodak Gold 200
Time 21 minutes @ 20 centigrade.

MY normal development time for Kodak Gold is 16 minutes which gives me quite dense and contrasty negatives.  I have increased tiome from 15 minutes for this C41 film, since I found the negatives to be on the flat side.

So my normal development time for this C41 ISO 200 film would be:
16 min, 18,5 min, 21 min coffe and Vit C added as noted.

I incresed development time for the ISO 400 generic C41 film to 20 minutes and would have increased 15% for each sucessive film.

The results was so good it seems (film hang to dry now) that I wonder HOW many films is it possible to develop in one brew?

Totally I used 3 tsp, 1 pinch of soda, 2 tsp Vit C exactly, and 7 tsp, 1pinch coffe to develop 3 films, all seem a sucess, and I did this at a consderable saved cost.

I encourage other brave souls to give ths a try.

I will give examples of the picture qualøity of all these 3 films, hopefully tomorrow,.

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