Thursday, February 17, 2011

Specific weight of coffe grain

There have been some talk of replacing instant coffe with ordinary coffe brewed a little stronger than normally.

I thought it might be interesting to know what we are dealing with, so here goes.

I brew coffe every day and measure out my coffe with a measure marked "10 gram", nothing else.

I did measure up 20 measures of WATER and noted the volume pretty close to 0,5 litre, more like 0,49 liter to be exact.

This should be approx 490 gram of water, and 24,5 gram per measure.
In other words every measure is 24,5 gram = 24,5 ml = 24,5 CC.

Now IF the weight noted is exactly 10 gram, we have a specific weight :

10 / 24,5 = 0,408 gram / CC

I checked that with a few grains of coffe (expensive stuff NOT to be wasted!) It did most assuredly float on water, so the specific weight is definitely below 1,00.

The next time I brew a pot of water, later today, I will take the opportunity to weigh the coffe, I use 4,5 measurer per pot, and will weigh that.  I wiill then update spec. weight for coffe.

Update :

I did weigh the coffe for one brew, turns out the standard coffe measure around these shores, marked "10 gram" will hold approximately 9,5 gram for ordinary filter coffe.

Since I use 4,5 measures per litre of coffe, that means I use 42,5 gram per pot (a little less than I thought, I thought it was 45 gram.... that is a 5,5% discrepancy).

I know that scandinavians generally brew their coffe on the weak side, I have had coffe in company with arabs, they use a stronger brew! 

And I did brew twice as strong as my regular - at what I thought was 90 gram per litre, (which know is exposed to have been 85 gram per litre) to use as a soda-coffe developer, that was far stronger than arabic coffe again...

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