Monday, February 21, 2011

Where does this end - really?

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Today I did the 7th and last in the same brew, replenished and did the rest of the Kodak Gold 200 that was cut in half.
I came upon a thought : along the way I replenished, and topped up with water.  Now that...... is plain WRONG!
Because it dilutes the soda and lowers pH, since I loose about 1/2 an oz per film (close to 20 ml which is the same amount of fixer that remains in tank during washing.... BTW), this means during my streak of successes here I have added 7 x 20 = about 120ml maybe 150 ml.
Now I started with 320 ml and has almost added another 50%, that means the soda is down to only 2/3 concentration, bordering on my own CCI (intermediate) mix, and half way down to Reinholds' CCL mix.
That means a LOT less activity, even if I keep adding coffe and Vit C.
So for the last film I added my replenisher, 1 ml Vit C and 5 ml coffe (1 pinch and 1 tsp, respectively), THEN I added 5 ml soda.
When I first added the Vit C and Coffe, there was some microbubbles, but after the soda it started bubbling like fresh brew!
I developed nearly the same as the last #6 film, 33 minutes @ 20 degree celcius, and now the film is finished and drying.
It came out with beautiful, immensely strong negatives, like fresh brew, with prolonged development!


As stated earlier I was continuing this test: I have now reached 5 films, replenished in one brew. The last and fifth was a Fuji Superia X-tra 400, 400 ISO expÄosed box-speed.
It now seems I have reached the end, I have stored the developer for two full days (50 hours) and the negatives came out extremely thin even after Replenisher additives and prolonged development.

However, I have earlier had misfortune with Fuji C41 films in Kafenol, and even if I used the long development times as a base for calculating time here, it might still be a case of Fuji-trouble.

So the final nail will be another Kodak Gold, up for testing by tomorrow nite (75 hours of storage), I will go find another film for testing by tomorrow, I was meaning to venture out doing a bit of documentary photography for the local Historical society anyways, bringing another camera that shares lenses to my digital SLR is not even a nuisance.



As I said last week I'm testing out Kafenol 327 as a developer that can be used for several films.

Last week Itested out 3 films back to back, and all came out well. I came up with a sort of replenisher just like we know from D-76 for instance, and my guesswork as far as lengthened developing times was close to spot on.

This week I have gone further. Last night I developed 3 films back to back, with good results, the films are dry the images scanned already, and will be published here a little later tonite.

I did save the developer from yesterday (had an empty  half-bottle of James'es irish whiskey here and used that to save what was left of my 11 oz of developer.

Today I replenished like yesterday and went on developing a Kodak Gold 200 (C41).
The film is now hung to dry and looks GOOD!  It will be scanned tonite and tomorrow and results show together with the others.

But the question now is : where does it end? Can I go on to 10 films from one brew, replenished as necessary?

Is ALL the talk about the transiency of ascorbate and coffe just baloney?  Does the ingredients behave just like any other ordinary develope?

Well I for one will go on testing, I have saved my remaining 10.5 oz of developer back onto the whiskey-bittle, and - if I find a suitable film by tomorrow night, try developing film #6 in the same brew, just to see when this developer dies....

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